Monday, April 9, 2012

My First Selection.........

Painted Lady on Coneflower

The Bridge in my Garden

Grandma and Granddaughter Waiting for the Wedding to Begin

Nala the Manx Cat

The Des Moines Botanical Center

The Neighbor's Ford

Tractors of the Past....Red and Green

Brother and Sister at a Birthday Party


Coneflowers and Daisies

Junkyard Buddies

Spring Flowering Tree

Baywindow Beauty

Globe Alum

1 comment:

carolann said...

What is a Gooseherder ? I see him
wit that stick?

I thought a special collie dog would heard them in.

Never heard of that.

Love your other unique simple picture but the quote makes one look more.

Barney and Button and the shoes.

A pair of shoes and two dogs.

You are a very smart man. The quote you have with pictures.

Simple but right to the fact.

Oh time flies. I see it is soon lunch time.

Have a great day!