Thursday, February 1, 2018

A New Start 2018

February 1st and the moon is full.

Taken when it is not completely in a full moon stage.

Barney at rest for the morning.

Sunrise in January in Ankeny, Iowa.

Off of the deck in the morning.

My brother’s caboose looks as good as new 60 years later.

A new shiny brit that looks like the old shiny brite.

Morning view off out deck with neighbors trees in the foreground.

Hydrangea bloom in a vase shows a lot of nice colors.

Angels do make shadows on a sunny day. 

A new Christmas decoration for 2017.

Manger livestock being attentive and looking for grass to eat.

Indention ornament

Antique replica of an old riding horse.

College kid on the wheel back in 1972.

Formations of geese in sight of the view.

Backyard view with the sun casting shadows and highlights. 

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Monday, December 28, 2015

Moving More Shots onto the Blog


Outdoor Ornaments

Eurasian Ringneck Dove

Downy Woodpecker

What's Inside Your Box?


Sunshine Red

Rest In Peace our dear Jack Sparrow

Growing Inside

Sunshine Glare

Out at the Shed

Carriage Model

Young Starling

Feather Patterns

Winter of 2014

Strawberry Pop

Standing Out


Old Stand with Signs of Repairs

Grandma's Plant Stand

Browsing for Seed

Christmas Ornament

Iowa's Sky

Background Clouds

Titmouse Tuffted