Monday, April 16, 2012

More Favorites

Where's the Food?

Grand Marais, Minnesota


Nala the Terrorist

A Place to Rest


Junkyard Buddies

Nala's Rescue

Looking Out


A New Shed

The Tractor Ride

Front Porch

Yellow Kitty

Ignoring the World

Mrs. Wren

Snowed In

Country Club Plaza

Two Toy Trains

Baywindow in Bar Harbor

 Koi Pond at the Zoo

Zoo Mascot

Stripped Friends


Cha Cha

Croquet Balls

Front Porch

At the Fair

Goose Herder


Maine Coastline

Bar Harbor


The Top of Cadillac Mountain

Say, "I Do."

The Crop

Kidding Around

Natural Still Life

Bumble Bee

The Winner

The Boom of a Gourd

Low Tide

Low Tide Marker

Getting Ready for the Show

1 comment:

carolann said...

You nail everything you do to show us.

I can truly sit here for hours. I have this morning.

You have a dog with a man in between his legs. It says security.

Like who thinks of that but you.

Your kitty cat.

Penny and Hannah heads out the window.
Expressive picture.