Monday, December 9, 2013

Late September into December Shots...

Withered Beauty

As the seasons change so does the photographer's palette of color.  They blend from late summer colors into specifically fading greens and  browns with color accents.  As the birds start to fill the feeders another subject matter takes over the realm.  The changing season also will bring the change of the subject matter as many things die off and the shapes of fall materialize. These shots are merely a blending of photos from September into early December.  White becomes the dominate value as the snow starts to fall.  The photos are not in chronological order but are scatterings of selections from my files of the three months.

Summer Plantings

 Peach Pie

Pear Tree


Red and Salmon

Looking Through

Natural Orange

Garden Friend

Peach Pie

Muskmelon Seeds

Old Silver Maple

Looking Out Garden Shed


Wax Job

Antique Iorn

Summer Corn and Beans

Hardy Geranium

White Marigold

The Big Spill

Cold Snap

Minnesota Smooth

Hanging Out on the Corner

Ready For Harvest

Sidewalk Beauty

 Changing Seasons

The Harvest of Fruit

Indian Corn

Wild Glories

Silver Maple Sculpture

Neighbor's Maple

Minnesota Birch

Outside Storage

The Leftovers

The Fallen

Color Splashes


Frozen Pizza

The Final Picking

Bales of Corn Stalks

A Time To Reflect


Peaking Around


Big Red

The Nuthatch


The Latch


Digging Deep

The Harvest Bucket

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carolann said...

You have a very unique of pictures you do. I am trying to learn with my camera also.

Stills can be so beautiful as you have done.

I will be back. As you have new blogs.

I sure like this blog.